My bad experience of Tag Heuer 02T at the customer service Nov 9, 2018 (HK)

Nov 11, 2018,18:55 PM

First of all, I had bought my Tag Heuer 02T in 2017 with gold case horn in an AD. I can' denie this watch I bought was an excellcet example in the Swiss watch making history and an extremely fine watch which excutued by Tag Heuer. Including the light weight tourbillon, it just look fantastic at its price point. I could not really take the watch off my hand after I put on my wrist. Anyways you will be satisified more of what you had paid!

Unfortunately, I do have a bad expecerience when I receive back my watch from the Tag Heuer Store in HK last week.  

If I rememeber correctly, I brought my watch to fix at the repair center for 2 reasons on Oct 28, 2018:

1. The watch seems to have a 5 mins slow for everyday wearing.
2. I had ask the rep at the Tag store to quote me on the scrach that I had made on the right lower conner case horn.

The rep. told me that, the poslish would not work on the gold case. We may need to let the reapir center check it before we could get any kind of quote to you.

But, I had mentioned, if the watch could be polished, please infom. me on the cost. And on the other hand, please also quote me on exchnaging a new case horn?

But, when I received the watch last friday, I saw all 4 horns were all polished without informing me. 

Worse come to worse, I saw all four horns were finished with bad completed polish. 

It just came out with a very rough satin-bruched finish.

This made me very sad and I had refused the repair services and give them back the watch! I believe they should have asked me before doing any hard polish on the watch. There was not chance for me to have the right to call and may be just exchange two of four of the horns...!

And I really hope they could find out a solution on this ASAP and get the watch back on my wrist! 

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Message to the Store

 By: jleung5225 : November 11th, 2018-19:54
I strongly hope the Tag. repair center could replace all 2 sets of Gold horns for me. Otherwise, it will be a nightmate for me if I receive my watch with 4 rough and un-equal poslished horns ...  

can you please high light where are the problems?

 By: janef : November 11th, 2018-22:13
those “horns” looks fine to me ... i compared your photo to those i find online. sorry for your endeavours. hope all get sorted out soon. what are you wearing at the mean time?

Sorry to hear...

 By: andrewluff : November 12th, 2018-03:47
but they have agreed to sort out for you now when they took it back? Did you take any pictures of the changes they had made for you? Sometimes these things happen but it is how it is sorted afterwards that proves if the customer service is good or not. Ke... 

Yes, let see the outcome [nt]

 By: jleung5225 : November 12th, 2018-18:38