Is this (Tag) Heuer 2000 quartz chronograph a unique specimen... or simply a frankenwatch?

Apr 03, 2024,04:08 AM

Hello everyone, I just won an auction of this (Tag) "Heuer" 2000 Quartz Chronograph as pictured below

Only after I won, I just realized something unusual about it: There is no image with this exact configuration on Google search

It seems like the case and bracelet themselves came from ref 264.006-1
Judging from its:
  • bezel
  • shape, and
  • two-tone silver-gold combination

But the dial seems like came from ref 253.006-1
Judging from its:
  • stick hour markers
  • an arabic "12" hour marker
  • dot-line-dot-line minute markers, also
  • cream (patina?) dial and gold subdials color
  • bonus: The back case itself says ref "253.006-1"

Another context: The movement inside is calibre ETA 955.232

So, is this truly a frankenwatch? The seller acknowledged the mismatched back case... but not the mismatched dial

Maybe that was the reason I could win this auction for about US$163? Do you think the "Heuer"-only branding helps justify its price?

Anyway, the main time and chronograph complication are working just fine

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