I must admit that this Tag Heuer Carrera Montreal is still obsessing me, a bit...

May 26, 2022,08:28 AM

Ok, ok, it is an automatic movement and not a manual winding one, it is a bit thick, but still, I would happily live with this little concession / compromission. 

The 39 mm case is very much my taste, as well as this joyful mix up between a Carrera and a Montreal. 

That would certainly be my first and only one modern Tag Heuer. 



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I like it.

 By: InHavenPro : May 26th, 2022-08:40
These vintage re-editions are one of their strongest offerings in my opinion. My favorite is still the Monza though . Cheers, Filip

What I think, too.

 By: amanico : May 26th, 2022-16:21


 By: amanico : May 26th, 2022-16:21

Good looking,but...

 By: jlux : May 26th, 2022-09:12
...the proportions do not work for me: the case diameter/thickness ratio felt not ok when I tried this watch at my AD. The dial is however superb.

i like it a lot too.

 By: enjoythemusic : May 26th, 2022-11:44
When you get it be sure to post wrist pics

Jump my friend ...

 By: COUNT DE MONET : May 27th, 2022-08:09
It is my daily wearer since I got it. The 39 mm are perfect size, as you know, and the thickness is not an issue in daily use. Never knocked the watch against anything, and don't perceive it as too thick. On a Nato it feels very confortable to wear. Recen...