HEUER Collector Summit Report 2 - New Autavia Reveal

Sep 22, 2016,17:23 PM

The new Autavia Reveal started with a history lesson of the Autavia family by the vintage collectors for the vintage collectors 

We learned that the original Autavia was a dashboard instrument for AUTomobiles and AVIAtion.

The TAG Heuer Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds holds some nice examples of the Autavia from 1933, including the watch worn by Porsche racing legend Jo Siffert and Autavia 'Viceroy' variants that get the collectors excited.

Autavia Dash Instrument

Jo Siffert's Autavia

Autavia GMT

Our collectors wore different old Autavia watches and some were better examples than in the museum!

It was noted that automatic Autavia wristwatches usually had date displays due to the demands of pilots and racing drivers who travelled across time zones.

Some even had GMT functions and rotating bezels for travel.

Vintage Autavia

Vintage Autavia

Vintage Autavia

Vintage Autavia

TAG Heuer held a competition called the Autavia Cup to glean comments and votes from the enthusiasts before producing the new Heuer Autavia watch AUT001J DXF.

Heuer Autavia Chronographs 1962-85

The Autavias used for the Autavia Cup competition and fantasy designs are shown in the book, Heuer Autavia Chronographs 1962-85, by Richard Crosthwaite and Paul Gavin, who were also at the Heuer Collector Summit.


For more information about vintage Autavia watches, please check out our friends, OnTheDash website: 'The Collector's Guide to the Heuer Autavia' by Jeff Stein.

Jeff Stein of OnTheDash website and Catherine Eberle-Devaux of TAG Heuer


New Autavia Design

We started in the Design department where the new watch AUT001J DXF was conceived and developed.

The photography got a bit hectic at times! smile


Design Department

Design Department

Design Department

We learned that Heuer respected the old design heritage and motifs by studying old models but propelled the new Autavia into the 21st century
Much care was taken to ensure comfort of the case and bracelet as well as the look of the dial.

Design Department

Design Department

Design Department

Design Department

Design Department

Design Department


Prototype Department

Next, we met these guys in the prototype department, where Paolo and his buddy make most of the components of the prototype watch.

Prototype Department

They have old and new machines to help them cut, mill and make the parts.

Prototype Department


New Autavia Reveal

Finally, the Big Reveal and scrum for first photos of the watch; some people didn't make it out unscathed! There is nothing scarier than a pack of watch collectors unleashed on a new watch.....

New Autavia Reveal

New Autavia Reveal

New Autavia Reveal

New Autavia Reveal


Autavia New vs Old

Autavia New vs Old

New Autavia Prototype

New Autavia Prototype

New Autavia Prototype

New Autavia Prototype


What is the Calibre 17?

Calibre 17

TAG Heuer calibre 17 is a version of the ETA 2894-2 released in 1996 and also appeared in the TAG Heuer range the same year. There are two variants of Calibre 17 - a two register chronograph (2894-A2 with running second at 3 o’clock; 30 minute chronograph display at 9 o’clock; date window at 6 o’clock) or a three register Chronograph (ETA 2894-2) that adds a 12-hour display at 6 o’clock.

Calibre 7

The original base model was the ETA 2892 or TAG Heuer Calibre 7. The ETA 2892 appeared in 1975 as an evolution of the Eterna family of movements from the 1940s.

As it is very thin (3.6mm), it is can easily accommodate modules on top.

The revised ETA 2892A2 appeared in 1983 from the conglomerate that we call SWATCH group today. That movement was sold to many brands and you may recognise it as the Omega Calibre 2500.

Calibre 11

From the ETA 2892 also evolved the ETA 2894-2 that with Dubois-Depraz chronograph modules become the TAG Heuer Calibres 11 or 12. Today, TAG Heuer substitute with the Sellita equivalent of the ETA 2894-2 as Sellita was a contract supplier to ETA before.

Calibre 12

New Autavia Prototype

Remember that this is a prototype and many small components have not been finalised. Still it looks a handsome watch and  there were wrist shots galore.

For those who worried about the size of the new case, it looks fine even on the skinniest wrists....

New Autavia

Conclusion:  I like the new Autavia Chronograph. It's well proportioned and actually is useful in normal life with a 12-H chronograph counter.


READ MORE in subsequent parts of this Report....

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This is the most tastefully done revamp of an old model

 By: Rogi : September 22nd, 2016-19:27
that I've ever seen. I'm not a fan of the re-vamp (usually) but there are some that stand out and wow does the new Autavia stand out but now my pressing question where is my Grey Phantom ? Hehe can you notice I'm eager to receive this piece lol

and then they added they date

 By: JDowning : September 22nd, 2016-19:34
because - customers want them. It is Objectively better looking without it. Even if it is integrated into the subdial. Or maybe they are just messing with us.

The solution from TAG Heuer is clever..

 By: MTF : September 23rd, 2016-00:34
JDowning, I'm unbiased about this topic because I don't collect vintage watches and I read my dates from my 'personal device assistant'. My modern TAG Heuer timepieces have dates as normal. I noted that in the museum and even on collectors' wrists, Heuer ...  

Hi Melvyn

 By: 41northpole : September 23rd, 2016-06:34
Lots of people seem to disregard all 're-editions' that come with dates. personally, it's one of the most useful things for me to have on a watch (besides the time!) so I think it's great it is there. Much more useful to me. Also, hiding it in the subdial... 

It is both YES and NO re-edition

 By: MTF : September 23rd, 2016-13:25
TAG Heuer specifically did NOT want to create a re-edition. What is past is past and does not need to be repeated. On the other hand, most vintage Autavia automatic wrist watches had date displays. So, the new Autavia having a date display is a re-edition... 

I agree.

 By: InHavenPro : September 22nd, 2016-20:24
Tastefully done indeed. Thanks for the report! Cheers, Filip

I like it!

 By: Joepny : September 23rd, 2016-06:16
Have to say that the marketing campaign behind this re-edition has been following the Hollywood superheroes movie playbook and the long tease is fun.

Thrid row, second from the left....

 By: blomman Mr Blue : September 23rd, 2016-13:49
Would be my pick! Thank you for the tour, MTF! Best Blomman

You could have been correct except for a vital fact

 By: MTF : September 25th, 2016-04:09
Nico, As Mr Biver pointed out, there are many nice vintage Autavia chronographs without date, in collectors' hands. Those represent the technology of the time and should be respected. TAG Heuer specifically set out NOT to reproduce an old-fashioned design...