Cs2110 Lume question

Dec 21, 2019,23:33 PM

After recently perusing online pictures of the first Monaco reissue from the late 90’s, I’ve noticed that the vast majority of them have a notable absence of patina that I would expect with tritium lume. I have not, however, seen any watches without the “T Swiss Made T” script. My question to the group is whether anyone knows what was actually used for these watches or perhaps when the switch from tritium to luminova might have occurred. Is it possible that they retained the “T Swiss made T” dial even though they stopped using tritium?

My own watch (purchased long ago from an authorized dealer) seems to have luminova, but I’d never given the question any consideration until tonight.

Thanks for your insight,

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Only a couple manufactures are still using tritium

 By: mpg13 : December 21st, 2019-23:41
As it requires a special license and has to be in a sealed tube it's considered impractical for general use.

It was the begining of the 90's that tritium was discontinued

 By: mpg13 : December 21st, 2019-23:59
It's possible that a change happened mid production on a particular watch. Maybe someone else has a better answer for the watch in question.