A little Heuer Carrera family picture with some "specialties" .......

May 24, 2021,18:13 PM

....... from L to R: 

18k gold (quite rare) // Abercrombie&Fitch // "Fab.Suisse" // BEYER // Fisher // Meister // Dato 1st exec. // "Volvo" // Yachting

The "back-then" Heuer Carreras are to me still one of the most brilliant, unfussy, clean, clear functional chronographs. Timeless design, size, and movements.

Cheers, HSTE

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WOW, very nice collection.

 By: Thomas_3 : May 24th, 2021-20:20
Makes my Twin-Time pale in comparison.

Fantastic array of Carrera Heuer chronos

 By: Mike H : May 24th, 2021-22:27
Simple and exquisite chronos collection my friend 👍👌👌👌


 By: Mikesr  : May 24th, 2021-22:32
Last one on the right is my cup of tea . Beautiful.

That is some serious passion my friend!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 24th, 2021-23:00