Wearing this one today

Nov 06, 2018,06:57 AM

I’ve had this one for almost 4 years now. It’s been serviced once and I can’t say that it’s been particularly problematic despite its delicate nature. I use my watches - but don’t abuse them - so it’s gets a reasonable amount of wear. I have a black tie dinner coming up later this month and can’t think of a better watch for the event.

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For a black tie dinner, it’s perfect!

 By: BABKA : November 6th, 2018-09:29
Pure class!

Bad news, good news

 By: Thomas_3 : November 6th, 2018-10:17
Bad news: shouldn't wear a watch to a black tie event. Good news: that fashion rule is antiquated. Go for it, very nice choice!!

Great piece ...

 By: Blourenco : November 6th, 2018-13:33
Understated, elegant and rarely seen!

Hello, Gorgeous!

 By: Ano Nuevo : November 6th, 2018-22:38
A beauty! The watch I’ve chosen to wear when I win my (first) Academy Award. Well, a guy can dream, can’t he? Ano “Ms. Streep, you’re blocking my key light!” Nuevo