My First Piaget!

Sep 25, 2017,07:38 AM

Hey Guys,

I always wanted to purchase a Piaget watch, specially, unfortunately that watch was over my budget! 
So, last week, I had the opportunity to trade a Cartier Pasha C (2007 model with blue dial) for that Piaget Gouverneur in White gold! I would like to know your opinion on that watch and if that trade was fair, as I still have the opportunity to trade it back if I want. This is my first Piaget and my first white gold watch, I currently own 3 gold watches, a JLC Gentilhomme, a Chaumet  and an IWC Portuguese 7 days.


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Change is gud..My thoughts on the trade..

 By: redcorals : September 25th, 2017-08:39
...Cartier Pasha is an iconic one-of-a-kind watch (stands out) while this Piaget is a very classy design offered by many watchmakers. So Let us say that If I didn't own either, then I wud buy Pasha first. And sure I wud trade in Pasha for this if I needed... 

Good Move

 By: mohammad : May 12th, 2018-22:50
Piaget is in a higher class as it is a top brand jewelary watch who make and supply their own movements to other brands and the choice of the elite and celebrities .