F.P Journe Grande et Petite Sonnerie Minute Repeater made for Piaget

Jun 10, 2024,18:58 PM

A 1997 Piaget/F.P Journe Grande et Petite Sonnerie Minute Repeater made for the 1997 SIHH show. Journe made five movements for Piaget and four were cased in a 37 mm case and one was cased with diamonds (this one). The watch contains 12.3 cts of diamonds and comes with two different straps and diamond buckles. Journe only created 6 brass sonnerie movements with the last of the 6 cased for his own brand and sold to the Sultan of Oman. Though created for the 1997 SIHH show, it was only sold in 2006 to its first owner for over 800,000 dollars. The case is enlarged at 40 mm and is made from a 18 kt white gold. Unlike the later F.P Journe sonnerie, these brass ones have two barrels like all traditional grande sonneries

two grande et petite sonneries sitting in a tree

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What a great post. Thank you for sharing this horological masterpiece.

 By: ChristianDK : June 10th, 2024-19:35
As rare as hen’s teeth. Also thank you for sharing the details of the two barrels. Very interesting and something I wasn’t aware of. Warm regards Christian

very interesting movement!

 By: grwegol92 : June 10th, 2024-21:48
although it is very quiet... tm pretty sure all the journe sonneries don't chime well because they dont use traditional gongs to save space

well or loud?

 By: ChristianDK : June 11th, 2024-05:54
not loud for sure but well IMO

both! ;)

 By: grwegol92 : June 11th, 2024-16:41

Shining in every aspect.

 By: hora12reborn : June 10th, 2024-19:49


 By: grwegol92 : June 10th, 2024-21:45
12.3 cts of shinning!

I didn’t know FP made movements for Piaget.

 By: gary_g : June 10th, 2024-20:42
You can almost tell it’s an FPJ movement from these photos. Thank you for sharing.


 By: grwegol92 : June 10th, 2024-21:45
So he used the proceeds to fund his brand. These were made about 2 years before he started his eponymous brand

Very interesting.

 By: gary_g : June 11th, 2024-17:01
Thank you for the history lesson. Appreciate it.


 By: grwegol92 : June 11th, 2024-19:59

Amazing watch and post👌🏻

 By: Watchonthewrists : June 11th, 2024-06:51


 By: grwegol92 : June 11th, 2024-16:41