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Dec 28, 2006,06:53 AM

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Steve asked for the different hallmarks in the lugs of his ref. 5107. Here's a short explanation of the four different hallmarks usually found stamped into the underside of the lugs.

The only easily readable of the four are the oval "PPCo" and the "750" . The other two are the swiss national hallmark for precious metals, the St. Bernard dog's head and the "common" hallmark with a scale and the purity (in parts of thousands). That's a complete list of the four hallmarks:

The "common" hallmark with the scale and degree of purity is used as sort of internnationally accepted hallmark for precious metals, to my knowledge it's accepted by those states who signed the Vienna Convention and the "EFTA" countries as well.

The "PPCo" is called the "responsability" hallmark - swiss law requires all preciosu metall goods to be marked with the manufacturer - as to be able identify the source and the "responsible" who made it and eventually also keep track of the amount of materials and purity used. Some of these responsability hallmarks are so called "common" - i.e. the same hallmark could be present on finished products of different manufacturers, but using the same case maker (just as an example). The commonly seen "hammer head" case maker hallmarks would be an example for such common hallmarks.

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Thank you suitbert for the great pics...

 By: arolex : December 29th, 2006-13:34
I do miss them as the head mast. Any chances of reviving those great pics? cheers.

Thanks, Arolex and Steve...

 By: SuitbertW : December 30th, 2006-11:26

Thank you, Suitbert...

 By: addi : December 28th, 2006-20:10