Patek Philippe Ref. 2547

Jul 09, 2013,13:20 PM

If anybody has any knowledge related to this watch please let me know. I can't find it mentioned anywhere.


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Saw it on the other site and could find no reference to it..

 By: Roni M : July 9th, 2013-16:07
very interested to know too! Never seen this reference in 25 years of collecting vintage pateks. Best, Roni

weird, I suspect we have similar reference bookks and i too could not

 By: : July 10th, 2013-00:19
find this reference number. Dial looks redone but what is strange is on the original certificate it is printed "duplicata" This is an original old certificate. Can you tell us a bit more about this piece Julian


 By: richterlaw : July 10th, 2013-10:09
this is the only mention of this watch I've found. com/node/334 1946 : Manufacture of the 10'''-200 round caliber, of which 20'197 pieces were made and in use up to 1965. The movement is housed in round, square and rectangular cases, in yellow pink, whit... 


 By: Roni M : July 10th, 2013-15:33
But none of the regular/ traditional 4/ 5 Patek reference books have any mention....I have every Auction catalogue for over 20 years and it has never come spend hours on this!!And have never ever come across it oddly i have 2546,2549,2549, 2550,2552...wo... 

Update on the 2547

 By: Roni M : July 13th, 2013-07:15
For those who may be interested to know it turned our that this timepiece is a very rare one that is not catalogued in any of the published reference books on the brand as per one of the leading authorities on Vintage Pateks (not sure if his name can be m... 

well done on the detective work and congratulations to the owner!

 By: : July 13th, 2013-15:03
How did you find out? Did you contact the archives? Julian


 By: Roni M : July 14th, 2013-12:29
Hi Julian Like the others who were interested I contacted John Reardon who in turn contacted the owner was keen for an immediate sale so despite him being kind enough to offer it i opted out as without all the facts it was a bit of a poke in the dark int... 

This is quite interesting ...

 By: small-luxury-world : July 15th, 2013-07:29
because in John Reardon´s book: PP in America - Reference Guide, Vol. I , there is a different watch shown with the same Ref.: We learn something new, every day :-) Roni, thanks for the research! Oliver ...  

2547 in the book

 By: Roni M : July 15th, 2013-09:13
by John Reardon does indeed show up the small square watch...he himself said so sure how 2 different looks have the same reference...may be John may advise here?If not will ask him Roni

Update on the correct 2547..

 By: Roni M : July 18th, 2013-16:43
John Reardon has advised the ref 2547 shown in his book is an error and indeed the correct reference 2547 is in fact the one that recently appeared and the images appear on this thread. Thanks Roni

Thanks a lot for the update, Roni!

 By: small-luxury-world : July 21st, 2013-06:09
Now, noted in my book as well. Best, Oliver

Patek 2547

 By: rickles415 : July 13th, 2013-20:13
Is this one of the rarest? It might be priceless. How much would something like this go for at auction. It may be rare but what's it worth. Plain (very nice granted) but uncomplicated with refinished face...? Cool story though.

Fantastic find

 By: cisco : July 15th, 2013-01:06
The case is amazing, congratulations. Francois


 By: rickles415 : July 15th, 2013-08:36
Do you have any idea what something like this is worth? Like I said before it's rare but the dial is refinished etc.. I'd say $10,000 - $15,000

Please, replies by PM only!

 By: small-luxury-world : July 15th, 2013-08:58
We don´t dicuss it here. Thanks! Oliver