Patek 2017 Basel Launch Viewing

Sep 13, 2017,06:10 AM

Hi All,

Had the pleasure of visiting the Patek Boutique here in Kuala Lumpur for the Basel 2017 viewing. Just wanted to share some pics of the watches I've seen. Enjoy!

Also had the chance to view this grail Patek 5170G with the pulsation dial which was of the hook!!

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Wow, you went into a candy store for grown men ! Lots of fun ? Decided on any ?

 By: GLau : September 13th, 2017-06:16
I quite liked the blue dial of the 5168, but wished it came in steel instead of WG. Was the store in KLCC ? Cheers, Gordon

Yes, the 5960 with the pilot watch look is quite unique !

 By: GLau : September 13th, 2017-08:43
Is the starhill AD a new one ?

Thanks for sharing!

 By: Mark in Paris : September 13th, 2017-06:49
They are indeed starting to appear at local ADs and this is an opportunity to see them finally in the metal for each of us. Did you have a favorite? Best, Mark

Thanks for the heads up!

 By: sham1 : September 13th, 2017-06:56
I shall pay the shop a visit tomorrow.

Thanks for the photos!

 By: sham1 : September 13th, 2017-06:57
The 5170P is mesmerising. What a dial!!


 By: sham1 : September 14th, 2017-04:43
I called up all the PP boutiques in KL and they know nothing of these novelties. Two did not even understand what 'novelties' meant! The one at StarHill claimed that the novelties came in July and have since been returned to the factory.

Which just goes to show that the word "novelty" in this context is not universally understood.

 By: Padj : September 14th, 2017-05:22
Using the word for newly released watches is silly and apparently even people who sell them don't get the usage..

Yeah they were actually 'demo' pieces

 By: wuen328 : September 15th, 2017-00:41
The pieces were demo units, meaning actual pieces but with the balance springs removed. Weights, dials, cases etc were all original... just that the heart wasn't beating. I was told the pieces will come to KL sometime Oct or early Nov

But were the demo pieces actually in KL this week?

 By: sham1 : September 15th, 2017-02:34
because none of the ADs had any knowledge of this which is strange.

You've posted some really nice photos.

 By: Padj : September 14th, 2017-05:22
Compliments to you. Did you have a favorite?

May sound like a person riding the bandwagon

 By: wuen328 : September 15th, 2017-00:50
But really, the 5320 Perpetual is really nice. The hour indices, hands and creamed colored dial really is something else. Having said that, the 5170 in blue with the baguette diamond hour indicators were also very nicely done. Subtle and elegant