each chip

Mar 17, 2021,03:26 AM



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My favorite 2 bracelet model of Calatrava

 By: anaroku : March 17th, 2021-02:07
Hello friends. I recently got simple and attractive Calatravas. Bracelet models are very convenient for dairy use. #5107 & #5127 is pretty similar but their bracelet have a fatal difference. ...  

each chip

 By: anaroku : March 17th, 2021-03:26
5107G 5127G ...  


 By: FabR : March 17th, 2021-04:08

The 5127 is my favorite watch

 By: JohnFM : March 17th, 2021-04:53
Which bracelet do you prefer?

both have each merit. but 5107s clasp is hard to on-off

 By: anaroku : March 17th, 2021-13:48
5107 5127 (common type like Nautilus) ...  

The 5107 bracelet is more original

 By: VinnieD : March 17th, 2021-05:30
Has a bit of Lange flair to it

interesting duo ! Subtle but

 By: GLau : March 18th, 2021-07:27
BIG differences ! Enjoy one on each arm so that you are double-wristed !

thank you GLau

 By: anaroku : March 18th, 2021-20:55
twin twin ...  

Very nice watches. Wonderful picture. 👍

 By: geross : March 20th, 2021-01:47
And its a screw down crown model. Perfect for light swimming in the pool. Good choices. Geross.