Nov 18, 2017,05:14 AM



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The pleasure to wear a beauty: Patek 2499 third series.

 By: fabios : October 25th, 2017-07:00
Hope you enjoy with me.... ...  

I think thats the same watch as eric clampton. Sure is a beauty.

 By: geross : October 25th, 2017-07:35
Its got everything , kinda all complications that are usefull. Wear in good health. Best wishes. Geross.


 By: fabios : October 25th, 2017-07:49
Patek 2499 of Eric Campton was a fourth series ( 2499/100) with saphire crystal, sold for a lot of money...

Rare to see any 3rd series 2499, but extraordinarily rare!! to see one in this condition. The fluting on the lugs is amazing. By coincidence, yesterday

 By: patekova : October 25th, 2017-12:37
I saw one in similar condition which will be coming up for auction in November in HK. An enormous congratulations to you on owning this incredible masterpiece!!!

A great pair with Patek 3940

 By: fabios : October 25th, 2017-07:58

Patek 2499

 By: fabios : October 25th, 2017-08:22
Of course

as fine a watch as I have seen [nt]

 By: Baron - Mr Red : October 25th, 2017-08:33

So similar to the one at Phillips but theirs was pink

 By: watch-guy.com : November 14th, 2017-02:38
Condition was sublime As good as it gets I think in terms of vintage ...  


 By: TheMadDruid : October 25th, 2017-08:20
Spectacular reference, and in such wonderful condition. If that is yours then big, big congratulations.

That is some serious eye candy.

 By: Costa (aka Connie) : October 25th, 2017-09:55
Thank you. A few more pics would be wonderful. I bet the movement is beautiful Thank you

Beautiful case and lugs!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : October 25th, 2017-10:20
And the watch itself is a stunner! Best Blomman

Looks like in a superb condition. Do you own a time capsule machine😬?

 By: Clueless_Collector : October 25th, 2017-10:24
Thanks for sharing such a nice icon, congratulations by the way. Rgds Raymond

yes....as much as the modern era has produced some fantastic watches...

 By: Baron - Mr Red : October 25th, 2017-12:08
.....it would be this or a 3448G that would be my ultimate watch.


 By: fabios : October 25th, 2017-12:17
3448G...a beauty! ...  


 By: Baron - Mr Red : October 25th, 2017-12:30
That is MY grail. The Watch I would want more than any other. My goodness Fabios, what a killer collection you have. You need a trip over to London!!!

The most perfectly balanced Watch

 By: Baron - Mr Red : October 25th, 2017-12:31
The symmetry. The purity. I am going to dream well tonight.

La fine del mondo

 By: beejo : October 25th, 2017-15:11
Best, Ahmed

OMG.... drooling 🤤 [nt]

 By: Miranda : October 26th, 2017-01:55

Stunning Fabios 😍

 By: Langeholic : November 14th, 2017-08:32
I'm not huge fan of yellow gold, but this has a beautiful and elegant feel to it.....enjoy with good health!


 By: Mike Wood : November 18th, 2017-05:14

Welcome, Mr Wood

 By: Baron - Mr Red : November 18th, 2017-05:56
Nice to see you here.

This reminds me of Eric Clapton s watch, it is simply amazing and elegant.

 By: charcoal6666collector : November 21st, 2017-09:18
What an honour to have tried it on the wrist