Thinking of all those who are struggling hard just now.

 By: MTR : March 17th, 2020-06:42
Relaxing a few minutes after intense days of crisis management. Almost 200 employees to take care of and feed.

Luckily, my company is in the IT business, so homeoffice works in most cases.

Thankful to have a break and being still fit and well.

Of course watches are no priority issue for most of us in times like these.

But my IWC MR helps me to calm down when I listen to its lovely sound. Minutes of peace...

Take care!

All the best (where ever you are)

Thanks for sharing Thomas! Stay safe and healthy! [nt]

 By: agyzace : March 17th, 2020-06:52
No message body

Thanks a lot and all the best for you, too!

 By: MTR : March 17th, 2020-13:32

very nice piece.

 By: Thomas_3 : March 17th, 2020-07:15
Stay healthy and safe.

Yes, I love this piece.

 By: MTR : March 17th, 2020-13:33
Thank you.
Warmest regards

Thanks for the insight

 By: George Gently : March 17th, 2020-07:31
In spite of Corona. let's all think and stay positive... 

Yes, of course!

 By: MTR : March 17th, 2020-13:36
Act where you are able to. And accept where you cannot change anything.

Happiness is all in the mind. I have been positive thinking AND feeling all my life. This helps a lot!

All the heat for you and stay safe.


Thanks for sharing a nice moment and a great piece! Best wishes. [nt]

 By: FabR : March 17th, 2020-07:38
No message body

Yes, happiness often lies in these

 By: MTR : March 17th, 2020-13:41
small moments living consciously.


I understand what you are going through

 By: Thomahof : March 17th, 2020-08:10
I have less employees, but chaos prevails.

Not my best day as employer I must confess...


Just do what you can do!

 By: MTR : March 17th, 2020-13:46
I often think of Marc Aurel, a famous Roman emporer and one of the last and most important stoic philosophers.

I read a fascinating book about him and his way to face difficulties. It helps me a lot in these times.


That’s a marvel truth be told 😍

 By: Makilla : March 17th, 2020-13:36
And especially for the fact that it’s PT and white dial. So stunning by all means 👌🏼

Wear it in the best of health always!


Too nice!

 By: MTR : March 17th, 2020-13:47
Thanks a lot, dear Laurent!

And all the best for you

A very nice ray of sun in these grey days... [nt]

 By: amanico : March 18th, 2020-15:58
No message body

Yes, indeed!

 By: MTR : March 21st, 2020-02:58
Thank you so much, dear Nico!


Beautiful piece Thomas.

 By: cpbmd : March 20th, 2020-06:27
I never get tired of looking at it. It is so classy. Fits you perfectly. It goes wonderfully with the black sleeve.
Wear it in good health my friend.

Thank you for your warm comment, dear CB!

 By: MTR : March 21st, 2020-03:02
Yes. I also don’t get tired of this piece.

I think this would be the last watch I would give away.
And I never could imagine how accurate and practical and obviously not delicate this watch is. It can easily serve as a daily wearer!

All the best, my friend!

I can fully relate to your words, Thomas

 By: ChristianDK : March 20th, 2020-12:57
God help those who are sick and in dire straits right now. 
Still, if your watch fan give you a glimpse of pleasure and comfort, that is a very good thing.

Stay well and safe!

Thank you, dear ChristianDK!

 By: MTR : March 21st, 2020-03:05
It‘s a luxury item, I know. But it gives joy and pleasure and always remembers me how valuable life and lifetime is.
Tempus fugit!

All the best. And please stay well and healthy!!

A little serenity in our life makes a differece! You know how I feel about your timepiece.. Stay well my friend Warmest regards ,Tony [nt]

 By: aperna : March 22nd, 2020-12:59
No message body

Thank you, dear Tony!

 By: MTR : March 26th, 2020-13:14
Strength lies in peace!

Everything fine with you?

Warmest regards and all my best wishes, my friend!

And to you my dear friend , Tony [nt]

 By: aperna : March 26th, 2020-14:17
No message body


 By: MTR : March 29th, 2020-09:12
I hope your days are not too hard and you find some rest and peace!

All the best my dear friend

Hi Thomas.

 By: cpbmd : March 26th, 2020-13:21
I keep coming back to your photo everyday for a sense of calm.
It is simply the perfect watch during hectic times.
Be well

Wow, that’s a compliment!

 By: MTR : March 29th, 2020-09:09
Thank you very much for this nice and encouraging comment!

All the best for you and your family and friends!


Thank you.

 By: cpbmd : March 29th, 2020-11:41
I am sure the minute repeater is a welcome sound to your ears every day. Meditative I bet.

Take care,

Beautiful piece!! [nt]

 By: esddmd : April 9th, 2020-13:17
No message body

Still love the pic.

 By: cpbmd : April 9th, 2020-14:20
Great watch.

Double thank you, dear CB!

 By: MTR : April 11th, 2020-10:26

Thank you for your kind words....

 By: MTR : April 11th, 2020-10:24