Taxi driver wearing a Voutilainen ? [nt]

 By: dreamer8 : December 10th, 2011-00:38
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Intriguing. Tell us more?

 By: : December 9th, 2011-02:44

Sounds like the best part of the evening was in the morning !


Make that three.

 By: grumio : December 9th, 2011-03:50
Nice to meet you pplater - great to talk watches, and thanks for the suggestion about the reverso engraving. I hope you can join us again some day.

I must say though I'm really struggling to think what possible further horological surprises you could have pulled out. Very curious to know…



 By: aptronym : December 9th, 2011-15:11
....the horological surprise wasn't pulled out by him so much as teased out by him from an unexpected third party...

lovely watches, but i think my favourite was the Tissot 24 hr

 By: G99 : December 9th, 2011-04:57

the tudor snowflake is also a great looker and another one i wish i'd kept. not the same one, just the same model.

looked like a great night with good company which is all you need to make a gtg special.


A great way to end the year

 By: Ubik : December 9th, 2011-06:34
Hope to follow in your footsteps.

I always think your GTG's have a so many unique pieces, there's an impressive depth of different brands, styles and ages on the table.

Great session! We're having ours at New Year Eve & ...

 By: mell0822 : December 10th, 2011-02:10
We're very pleased to have a special guest to join us for our last event for the year. Perhaps a post is in order after the session.
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