H Moser Pioneer Centre Seconds

 By: rremiker : April 7th, 2021-16:12
My H. Moser Cie Pioneer Centre Seconds with discontinued midnight blue fumé dial.
Ref 3200-1205 and Caliber HMC200
rick on watches


 By: Velobuck : April 7th, 2021-17:34
To me, the best example of timeless modern design. I would love to own that beauty, especially with on a Moser bracelet.

Beautiful and a perfect indie daily imo

 By: Watchonthewrist : April 7th, 2021-22:51
Def something i hope to add one day

How do they know how to make better dials than some stalwarts? Great piece.

 By: redcorals : April 8th, 2021-08:39
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 By: Roy5 : April 10th, 2021-05:57
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So very nice 👌

 By: holdemchamp1225 : April 11th, 2021-09:04
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