I’m not really into Lange, but if confirmed, this sounds like a big development for them...I’ll be interested to follow.

 By: FabR : August 14th, 2019-00:55
If done the right way, a SS sports watch might change quite a lot the perception most people have of this brand...If done the wrong way, it will be a disaster😉 My sincere best wishes to Lange!

Just thinking about this again, having read some of the comments.

 By: Jay (Eire) : August 14th, 2019-04:26
Many of us, myself included, seem to be a little critical of ALS for potentially introducing a sports watch in steel.  (And this is a widely held assumption, that it will be a sports model).

But, this is exactly what AP did in 1972 with the RO and Patek did in 1976 with the Nautilus.  Perhaps the disappointment (if we call it that) is that ALS are just following the playbook rather than there being an issue with the watch itself.  

They can play with a Pilot. This wouldn't be a surprise, after all. [nt]

 By: amanico : August 14th, 2019-22:49
No message body

Yes, good point. And they have a more legitimate historical claim to the Pilot than Patek I’d think. [nt]

 By: Jay (Eire) : August 15th, 2019-04:04
No message body

Agreed. [nt]

 By: amanico : August 15th, 2019-04:20
No message body

I think they avoid it due to the association with WW2 [nt]

 By: Francoamerican : August 15th, 2019-11:56
No message body

There was Genta involved in both those...who is there today to deliver design like that? [nt]

 By: watchthatman : August 15th, 2019-06:56
No message body

I really hope they don't do something derivative of 1970s sports lux [nt]

 By: Francoamerican : August 15th, 2019-11:58
No message body

Do we really need another over hyped steel watch?

 By: jlux : August 14th, 2019-09:09
Let's wait on the result but I am not so sure whether a steel sports watch fits nicely into the brand image.

I doubt he really knows anything

 By: watch-er : August 14th, 2019-13:15
at this point for certain. All new releases are under embargo if they are for real. Fun to speculate, however.

I heard it’s going to be a new collection with steel bracelets.

 By: emcquillan : August 14th, 2019-23:55
I hope this is not true. I’d rather see a steel Datograph, or the same same caliber in a new sports case. Now THAT would be cool.  I hope they dip their toes slowly into the water and don’t release four or fives models in new collection. If a new collection - start with one model, get the design right and keep the numbers low before growing  organically. Please no offence to AP, but I don’t want to see the inverse of code 11.59 for Lange sports models. It’s exciting though. Let’s hope the move is a measured and tasteful one. 

I believe the problem with steel versions of existing watches is that it cannibalizes the gold versions [nt]

 By: Francoamerican : August 15th, 2019-11:55
No message body

Yes, there is no way we will see a steel Dato...and we shouldn’t.

 By: vitalsigns : August 15th, 2019-14:34
That would be a big FU to the PT Dato owners

True. But a steel chronograph in a new case would be interesting. It’s time Lange diversifies their cases [nt]

 By: emcquillan : August 15th, 2019-21:11
No message body

With a new movement, perhaps?

 By: vitalsigns : August 17th, 2019-07:30
Using the Dato movement would be the wrong move for Lange, even if I would selfishly love to see that happen.

But how to top the L.951? Not an automatic I hope [nt]

 By: emcquillan : August 17th, 2019-07:40
No message body

Indeed a problem. Any non-Dato chrono movement would be measured against the great Dato movement.

 By: vitalsigns : August 17th, 2019-09:11
Patek has done it with an automatic chrono, which has gained much traction; but of course Patek has very different brand perception.

That’s true. I know I’m very excited to see what Lange has up its sleeve

 By: emcquillan : August 17th, 2019-10:25
I’ll be happy with anything as long as it’s done well and keeps some DNA. As summer closes it is something to look forward to smile 

Same here. Very excited to see it... [nt]

 By: vitalsigns : August 17th, 2019-10:40
No message body

That is a good point [nt]

 By: emcquillan : August 15th, 2019-21:12
No message body

We are on the same page. Wish Lange has the right sense for us customers and a good strategy, how to evolve our new Lange baby [nt]

 By: CaptainNemo : October 21st, 2019-08:31
No message body

Is this really happening?

 By: cory : September 29th, 2019-23:46
I did read yesterday that ALS hinted at the next big thing not being far away and to keep tuned... is this perhaps the much anticipated ALS sports watch or
something else? If they were to do a sports watch, I feel for it to be a success, it would need to be a completely new watch design? Case shape etc.

It seems, that for several people here this is not just a rumor...

 By: stere : September 30th, 2019-07:06
I would say, that they have seen any prototypes or read any press materials wich is just under Embargo.
I expect the watch at 24.10.2019 for 25th anniversary or around 20th of december when the first release of 2020 SIHH novelties will be released.

I would also expect a steel pilots watch because of Lange heritage.


Not just a rumor - It is real, and coming soon.

 By: Ticking Way : September 30th, 2019-22:45
I was lucky enough to get a sneek peek of the new release a few days ago. I was sworn to secrecy so I cannot divulge the details other than it is a steel Lange competitor to the Nautilus And Royal Oak. It is a cool watch with some nice Lange DNA, but lacking in a revolutionary or iconic design (this could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you are personally looking for in a steel Lange).

Really disappointed if it’s remotely similar to naut/ royal oak

 By: Francoamerican : October 1st, 2019-08:36
Why would a Lange buyer want a “copycat” watch?  

Although the Lange steel watch won't be a "copycat," comparisons to those models invariably will happen...

 By: CR : October 1st, 2019-20:12
... just because it'll be a steel, standard-production "sports watch" (though it'll be interesting to see if Lange classifies it as such or if their marketing folks steer clear of such labels).

I just hope it’s not 1970s style integrated bracelet

 By: Francoamerican : October 2nd, 2019-08:25
I want to be able to throw a strap on it

All sounds positive from what you’ve said there. Here’s me hoping... [nt]

 By: CGJ0 : October 1st, 2019-13:12
No message body

What kind of price bracket? [nt]

 By: cory : October 2nd, 2019-17:00
No message body

Not inexpensive.

 By: Ticking Way : October 2nd, 2019-21:27
This new release will not be a ‘cheap’ entry into the Lange brand. For the same money you could purchase a brand new gold 1815 and still have enough left over to pick up a respectable sport/diving watch to wear to the pool or beach.

I personally cannot understand watch buyer’s current obsession with mass produced stainless steel watches. On the secondary market you could pick up a Lange 1 for less than a steel Daytona or RO, or a Datograph for less than a steel 5711.

However, if I was in the market to overspend on a versatile stainless steel watch on a bracelet, I would take the understated Lange over the equivalent Rolex, AP or Patek. It is incredibly built, finished by hand, less common and not going to nosedive in value when this bubble bursts.

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