Wishing for Montblanc to continue in the thin direction - with a follow up to the Heritage Chronometrie Ultra Slim

Nov 04, 2018,07:10 AM

The Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Ultra Slim, while not directly referencing any Minerva watch in particular is IMHO one of the better examples of usefully developing the heritage of the latter brand. And while the stainless steel version has been taken out of the catalogue in the meantime there does not seem to be a direct successor. 

I hope Montblanc rectifies this at some point - all the better if they go all the way, developing an ultra slim Villeret movement for it. Not sure it will happen but one can dream smile

What would you like to see from the brand in 2019?

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All three are great ideas...

 By: KMII : November 4th, 2018-08:07
What is it that you would like to see in the Rieussec line?

It’s certainly an area with limited competition...

 By: KMII : November 4th, 2018-11:05
Not that there’s nothing out there but the offerings from outside the Richemont conglomerate are few these days. And an area that could well turn more appealing in the years to come...

Marc Newson just designed the M pen for Montblanc...

 By: jporos : November 4th, 2018-17:51
maybe Montblanc could get Newson back into the watch game. (one can dream...)

That would be a great idea!

 By: KMII : November 4th, 2018-23:05
Love the M pens and can imagine a watch would be a great addition, too