Wishing everyone a great Tuesday!

Nov 11, 2019,17:29 PM

Loving the little details on this piece, will likely go for a strap change before the year is up to mix thing up abit.

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Yes and they are incredible value for money

 By: singingbee : November 11th, 2019-19:10
If you can look past the brand aspect

Couldn't care less about brand status/history and any other marketing gimmicks

 By: jleno : November 11th, 2019-19:42
Big plus for that enamel dial as well. And white gold on top of that? Such a stealthy connoisseur's piece

Thanks bro! [nt]

 By: singingbee : November 11th, 2019-19:10

Really beautiful watch! I didn’t know this one existed, but I really, really like it.

 By: BMR : November 11th, 2019-18:20
It looks great as is, but I’m excited to see what strap pairing you go with.

Absolutely beautiful!!!

 By: CL : November 11th, 2019-19:46
Both front and back...Gorgeous!!!

Wow 😍😍😍

 By: Watcholic_id : November 12th, 2019-06:05
absolutely stunning!

Thanks mate! [nt]

 By: singingbee : November 12th, 2019-17:27

Thanks mate!

 By: singingbee : November 13th, 2019-07:46
Montblanc has many killer pieces in their Minerva chronographs but this is definitely my personal favourite even before I found one.