The Montblanc 1858 Automatic Chronograph on the wrist

Jun 13, 2018,22:58 PM

The other day I had a chance to finally get the SIHH 2018 launched Montblanc 1858 Automatic Chronograph on my wrist. The 1858 line has received a lot of attention this year due to the 150th Anniversary of Minerva (here:  for details) and the Chronograph is likely to be one of the hot sellers of the line. 

Some first impressions:
- good wrist presence
- more universal size (42mm) when compared to the 1858 Tachymeter 
- very coherent looks - the case finishing, the Minerva inspired overall design and the cathedral hands specifically, the subcounter hands resembling pickaxe tips (Spirit of Mountain Exploration)...
- solid caseback was a sound decision here, as the movement - while solid and robust is not the highlight in the same way as the Cal. 16.29
- fantastically supple leather strap, which feels worn in right from the get go. 

I would say that Montblanc definitely produced an excellent combination here and that the watch - as it offers very solid value, too - is likely to be a good seller for them. 

Now whether it is too close to the 1858 Tachymeter in design and if this means a certain cannibalisation in terms of the value of the latter is up for debate. In spite of surface similarities the two are thoroughly different and completely non-comparable. This may actually make the Tachymeter even stealthier, allowing the owner to enjoy its undoubted charm, while the rest is none the wiser. 

I need a bit more wrist time for sure but so far it looks very promising. 

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It really all gels together nicely :)

 By: KMII : June 14th, 2018-00:10
I am sure the Tachymeter may get some additions to the family, soon, too. Hopefully with beveled lugs