A couple of wrist shots

Mar 16, 2024,20:50 PM

You can see how much thicker MB is

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The speed you change yr watches to take the wrist shot is amazing!

 By: iceheller 1945 ✌️ : March 16th, 2024-21:14
If there is a dilemma, just wear them together. 😅 Nice shots by the way.

Thank you. As you can see

 By: loujo : March 16th, 2024-22:32
I was moving faster than speed of light 😀

Not fast enough Mr Flash, I thought it was just photoshop initially as the background looks almost identical!

 By: iceheller 1945 ✌️ : March 16th, 2024-22:37
That is when I noticed the 1-2mins difference between 2 watches. 😜

Both are superb on you

 By: agyzace : March 17th, 2024-10:43

Two beautiful and most desirable chronographs

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : March 17th, 2024-12:16