Thank you, my friend.

Sep 16, 2014,22:14 PM

Indeed, too long.  I'm in Paris next month, so I'll email you pour un café!

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Jaeger-LeCoultre & Ovarian Cancer National Alliance TEAL SURVIVOR event @South Coast Plaza

 By: AnthonyTsai : September 10th, 2014-20:21
Yesterday I attended the JLC & Ovarian Cancer National Alliance event at South Coast Plaza in Orange County featuring a photography exhibit by Howard Parr which featured white & black and teal photographs of TEAL SURVIVORS. September is ovarian ca...  

Same best wishes for the cause. Happy to see this kind of events.

 By: amanico : September 10th, 2014-22:29
Howard is also the JLC Moderator for TZ. And a good one, as well as a very good friend. Excellent post, Anthony! Nicolas

Thanks! [nt]

 By: AnthonyTsai : September 11th, 2014-06:24

Nice write up, Anthony!!

 By: mjnoumoff : September 12th, 2014-08:26
Unfortunately I was not able to attend the event in California but am the proud owner of one of those 10 straps. (5 for men, 5 for women). Men's strap is very interesting . teal on the inside, black gator on the outside, and ONE teal gator loop. [URL=] [/...  

Thanks! Please do share some pictures of your JLC and new Teal strap

 By: AnthonyTsai : September 12th, 2014-08:43
when you do put the strap on your JLC :) Cheers, Anthony

Will do!!

 By: mjnoumoff : September 12th, 2014-09:49
Plan is to first wear it when there are JLC and Ovarian Cancer National Alliance events in NY, and then when I get married. Some personal connections between ovarian cancer, or more appropriately the treatment of it, in my family.

wow..awesome strap!

 By: ocwatching : September 16th, 2014-14:31
didn't know they were available that night... I am emailing boutique..guess it may be too late!

THANKS for the coverage AT!

 By: ocwatching : September 16th, 2014-14:30
It was a great evening and a great cause! Nice to hang out with you, your wife, and other TZers and Purists on a great evening for TEAL!

Thank you for the wonderful report, Anthony!

 By: boa2 : September 16th, 2014-15:20
It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife, and an honor to have you there. Looking forward to the next chance we have to catch up. Beautiful coverage of the event!

Thank you, my friend.

 By: boa2 : September 16th, 2014-22:14
Indeed, too long. I'm in Paris next month, so I'll email you pour un café!