Poor Hublot Online eBoutique Customer Service Warning

Jan 03, 2024,11:11 AM

I wanted to warn forum members of the complete lack of customer service and communication I've recently experienced from the Hublot eBoutique.

I placed a strap order online through the eBoutique and before using it and within the return period I noticed that there was an indentation and possible peeling issue. I emailed Hublot 11/30 with pictures and received a response the same day that someone from the After-Sales team would get back to me within a few days. I never received any response after that. I emailed 12/7 requesting an update and 12/31 as well with zero response from Hublot.

I hate having to post this given I’ve been an enthusiast of the brand since the original Big Bang was released but I believe other members should know of potential issues prior to considering placing an online order via the Hublot eBoutique. I’m saddened and disappointed by the complete lack of customer service I’ve received from a brand that once prided itself on exceptional customer service. 


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