My first Hublot

Feb 03, 2023,00:26 AM

I always like Classic Fusion line. Found one really good price. Looking to buy another soon. 

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Great pic

 By: sschew : February 3rd, 2023-08:27
From one Hublot owner to another-Let me be the first to congratulate you on buying a beautiful watch from an awesome brand.

I dont understand the hate.

 By: guycord : February 3rd, 2023-09:19
I dont understand why Hublot gets so much hate? I look at some of the stupid APROs on the market that are big, bulky, brash and wonder why they get a free pass? If I were to critique the watch above design-wise, Hublot just needs a slightly scale down the... 

Congratulation on your

 By: Jari from Finland : February 3rd, 2023-14:13
Hublot. Enjoy wearing it.


 By: Ambiorix : February 3rd, 2023-16:06
Nice sober sport-chic. The opaline dial gives it a softer touch. Grtz,Dom

Congrats! 🍀👏🏻 Lovely piece, always loved the classic, yet avantgarde look! 🥰

 By: MCG (Markus) : February 3rd, 2023-17:50
And they are getting rare - they don‘t dothe oplaine dial anymore… 😉 Here is mine… ...  

Thank you guys. Just got a new grey rubber straps yesterday. Love it even more. I imagine this will look great with green and other colors too.

 By: chal0072 : February 4th, 2023-19:20
I‘m buying this mainly to be my travel watch, but now I can see myself wearing this very often. Hopefully thieves in Europe won’t rob my Hublot. ...