I had no idea that this movement was so technologically advanced

Mar 27, 2018,22:24 PM

Thank you for explaining πŸ™

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Hands On: Unico – Inside Hublot’s Calibre HUB 1240

 By: JToddH : November 28th, 2018-13:31
Following the success of the Big Bang, launched in 2005, Hublot set out on its next big challenge, to create an in-house movement following the same design philosophy of their iconic case. The result is the calibre 1240 β€œUnico,” which demonstrates the bra...  

I had no idea that this movement was so technologically advanced

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : March 27th, 2018-22:24
Thank you for explaining πŸ™

Thank you for that great article!

 By: Marcus Hanke : March 28th, 2018-02:08
Also the description of the LIGA process is very informative. I am glad you stated that the parts shown are not made for the Unico movement. When Ulysse Nardin started to employ the LIGA manufacturing, they soon realized that it was less than optimal for ... 

Interesting...don't Rolex, Seiko, LF, and others use LIGA for the lever and escape wheels?

 By: brandon1 : March 28th, 2018-20:44
Rolex's statement about the new chronergy escapement: "High-technology processes are also used, such as LiGA (micromanufacturing by electroforming) to produce the paramagnetic pallet fork and escape wheel of the new Chronergy escapement." Seiko: "The 9S66... 

Unfortunately, I have lost my mail correspondence between 2007 and 2011 ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : March 29th, 2018-06:59
... so I have to use my leaky memory to compose a reply. I know that Ulysse Nardin created the so-called Dual Ulysse escapement in their 160 years anniversary timepiece by LIGA process in 2006. Back then, Nickel-Phosphor composition of complex shapes was ... 

Thanks Marcus, I appreciate the feedback.

 By: brandon1 : March 29th, 2018-13:52
Very possible indeed that modern advances have enabled this process to create components suited for fast-moving and sliding components, and this probably accounts for its use today among mainstream brands/watches. Thanks again, Brandon

I echo Marcus Hanke in thanks for this article

 By: MTF : March 28th, 2018-02:58
I learned more about the process and it showed Hublot truly is at the forefront of technology. All this for a 'standard' workhorse movement. Regards, MTF

Thnaks very much for the details, pics and explenations!

 By: MCG (Markus) : March 28th, 2018-03:21
Looking already very much forward to the UNICO 1280 thread! PS: One small thing: The moonphase calibers are not Unicos but Sellitas with modules...

Good Catch! I removed those photos. Thanks!

 By: JToddH : March 28th, 2018-05:09
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Quick set date feature

 By: aerobang : March 29th, 2018-15:17
I notice the photo of the quick set date feature is not the unico 1240 but the unico 1280?

It's a 1240.

 By: JToddH : March 29th, 2018-15:53
In fact, these photos were taken well before the 1280. ...  

THX ToddπŸ’ great😘

 By: Walser : April 4th, 2018-12:15
very interesting report πŸ‘