Thanks much. It's nice when someone with more experience weighs in. Looks like I did good! :)

Jul 08, 2023,00:30 AM

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My submariner

 By: Rosneathian : July 7th, 2023-21:41
Eterna Kontiki Bronze, 44mm diameter and 14.02mm high, house calibre 3902A, water-resistant strap, one of 300 presented and sold out at Baselworld in 2017. A proper submersible for the wrist. ...  

Really? Well, well, well... Knowing you didn't know makes it special now :)

 By: Rosneathian : July 7th, 2023-22:02
It received some coverage at the time and was noted as one of the more eye catching releases at Baselworld that year. The entire stock sold out at the event, so it never made it to retail. Ten did turn up in that famous hotbed of diving - Arizona. Apart f... 

I LOVE this style of Kon Tiki!! Love the hands

 By: myles721 : July 7th, 2023-22:04
love the dial…one of the coolest divers ever😎🤙🏻

Aw thank you. I don't know much about dive watches as it's not a genre I've explored.

 By: Rosneathian : July 7th, 2023-22:18
When I set out to experience one for myself it had to be something that looked like its own thing. Some familiarity with Eterna's Kontiki watches from decades past helped, and I spent a few years circling Montblanc's bronze adventures (both Minerva and no... 

This IMO is unique..

 By: myles721 : July 7th, 2023-22:34
The other models have rectangular hands and batons…this one for me is the true Kon Tiki..