A strap change can really refresh the look of a watch

Nov 02, 2023,07:00 AM

Always liked the very matte finished dark brown gator strap that came with the Panograph but I'm really enjoying this matte green gator from Delugs on this. Its going to be straps with quick change integrated bars from here on out I think.

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Very nice. Bravo!

 By: amanico : November 2nd, 2023-07:26

cheers! Thanks for viewing :)

 By: tempocalypse : November 2nd, 2023-15:44


 By: Tony.A. : November 2nd, 2023-07:46
I love that watch

Thanks :) and so do I.

 By: tempocalypse : November 2nd, 2023-15:44

Looking good!

 By: patrick_y : November 2nd, 2023-08:19

Cheers! Thanks for dropping by :)

 By: tempocalypse : November 2nd, 2023-15:50

Looks awesome.

 By: jlux : November 2nd, 2023-09:33
Well done !

Thanks for viewing!

 By: tempocalypse : November 2nd, 2023-15:50

One word. Gorgeous 👍.

 By: French watchlover : November 2nd, 2023-12:20

Thanks a lot :)

 By: tempocalypse : November 2nd, 2023-15:50

Perfect match.

 By: hora12reborn : November 2nd, 2023-12:20

Cheers! I thought so to :)

 By: tempocalypse : November 2nd, 2023-15:50

Agree, a new strap can almost make you

 By: Thomas_3 : November 2nd, 2023-13:10
think you got a new watch (for a short while anyway).

Hehe, that it does.

 By: tempocalypse : November 2nd, 2023-15:47
Which then leads to buying more and more straps I guess. The quick change system is very nice, I'm glad its being offered by more and more strap makers now.

Yes very pleased with the quality, these are my first.

 By: tempocalypse : November 2nd, 2023-15:46
Also a grey nubuck for my Nomos and 5513 Sub.

Gold with green looks just wonderful

 By: Derreck : November 2nd, 2023-14:34
Also the stitching color goes so nicely with the strap, very very good


 By: tempocalypse : November 2nd, 2023-15:49
The delugs product page showed this with a pink gold Cartier Santos which convinced me. In person the combination with the GO looked even better I think.

Pink gold…

 By: Derreck : November 2nd, 2023-16:46
With matte green, taupe and grey straps are just wonderful