The rebirth of the Three-Golden-Bridge Tourbillon 35 years ago, in December 1982

Dec 17, 2017,23:56 PM



On my recent visit to the manufacture, I was able to see a very special historic piece that deeply impressed me. We all know the story of the three-bridge-tourbillon as it started in the 19th century, but today let’s look at the 80s. The 80s were a difficult time, the height of the Quartz crisis for the Swiss watch industry.


It was at that time, when Girard-Perregaux took a bold step to resurrect the masterpiece of its historic collection, the Three-Golden-Bridge Tourbillon.


In December 1982, the first modern Pocket Watch with Three-Golden-Bridge was born and I was able to see that very first one.


With 45mm it is even for a pocket watch impressive, but the backside of the movement just blows you away. You are looking at ~1000 hours of finishing work.


This watch one could say was the watch that gave rebirth to mechanical haute horlogery at GP and is a milestone in modern history for GP.



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Amazing dear CC thank you so much for sharing!!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : December 18th, 2017-01:22
Have a great GP week Yours D

Same to you, my friend. :) [nt]

 By: crown comfort : December 18th, 2017-03:23

The pictures of the movement are mouthwatering. Allow me a naive comment.

 By: amanico : December 18th, 2017-02:22
I discovered the world of pocket watches some 5 years ago, at the JLC Heritage Gallery. I spent one full day admiring them. And what caught my attention was the care brought to the movement finishings... I was puzzled. No wonder why I am falling under the... 

Very much so, dear Nicolas

 By: crown comfort : December 18th, 2017-03:25
the movements are also bigger and as such require even more attention on the finishing and decoration. The other thing that is fascinating with pocket watches is also the case engravings. I'm not a fan of engraved cases on wrist watches, but love them on ... 

Thanks Alkiro. Indeed a mind-blowing effort

 By: crown comfort : December 18th, 2017-03:26
that also presented challenges when about 9 years later they wanted to start a serial production of Three-Bridge Tourbillon wristwatches. You cannot sustain that with that amount of effort, so some changes had to be made, but I'll cover that another time

I want this watch so much!!! :-)

 By: sham1 : December 18th, 2017-02:49
Fantastic photos do justice to a masterpiece!

Thanks Sham. I guess your best chance

 By: crown comfort : December 18th, 2017-03:27
will be to look at the current Le Esmeralda wristwatch, which for me comes closest to the original design.

Wow !.. What a watch & what a movement !.. It is as if history touches us in our time ! :))

 By: hs111 : December 18th, 2017-03:09
Thx for this charming but outstanding share !.. Best, hs.

Indeed, HS, I had the pleasure to see quite a few GP pocket watches

 By: crown comfort : December 18th, 2017-03:28
before and this time again, even original three-bridge tourbillons from the 19th century, but none had blown me away like this one before.

What is rare in this post...

 By: Esharp : December 18th, 2017-03:39
It's not the images of the movement. (Although every time I look at these photos I am blown away by its beauty.) No - it's the images of the dial side - which are rarely seen for some reason - and which I find is pretty much perfection as well. Thanks CC,... 

Thanks E. Of course, I also had to take a shot of the front side

 By: crown comfort : December 18th, 2017-06:40
like you, I also admire this dial.

I saw pictures of this before.

 By: TheMadDruid : December 18th, 2017-07:28
Yours do this watch justice. It was a remarkable revival at the time, and it led to so many phenomenal wrist watches over the next 35 years. It also brought GP into the forefront of Haute Horlogerie brands, if it wasn't there already.

Big thank you for sharing these shots, CC!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : December 18th, 2017-14:02
Absolutely fantastic PW! The finish of the movement is out of this world! Dial and case are not bad... but the movement....! Indeed a Milestone in the modern history of GP! Best Blomman

You know my love for beautiful pocket watches dear CC so you can easilly imagine...

 By: Mike H : December 18th, 2017-21:27 reaction in front of such a beauty. It is simply WOW ! So beautiful and so modern, and your pics do render justice to its beauty. Merci my friend Mike