I just got GP Laureato skeleton in steel and I couldn't be happier!

Oct 07, 2020,13:05 PM

After having a bad service experience with AP, I decided to try another brand. After seeing pictures of the GP Laureato skeleton in steel, I became very interested because its very striking in pictures. However, I was hesitant because of the close AP and Nautilus styling. Still, after reading all the reviews left by satisfied owners, I decided to pull the trigger. I was surprised by the slender proportions, which I really like a lot. Looking at this watch from every angle, and after checking out the loom in the dark, I have to say that with this Laureato, GP nailed it! Also, holding it side to side with an AP, makes it very apparent that the bezels are quite different. The GP isn't raised as high (height), its a lot more thin, its slightly domed, and the circular plate underneath the bezel creates a very cool affect as it plays with the shapes, polishing, and lighting. When you turn the watch at an angle, it looks as if the straight edges of the octagonal bezel arch in (pretty wild and cool how it creates this optical illusion. Anyway, this is its own beast! I've owned a lot of APs, Hublots, Rolexes, and I live in Miami so my buddies have everything and I see everything. Hands down, this is the hottest thing I've seen in a long time. If you're thinking about pulling the trigger on this, you better get it now before this thing becomes an icon, because that's what's about to happen!

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 By: Weems@8 : October 7th, 2020-13:19
I have no clue how AP is to own. The GP Laureato is on my radar for awhile, but in the queu. The AP Royal Oak diver is a nice watch, but as you have bad service experience with AP, i do not want an AP anymore. Also AP is to expensive. Better to stay at Om... 

I'm actually about to send my AP offshore in for service...

 By: kennygfunk : October 7th, 2020-13:48
one of the ceramic pushers fell off. Can you believe they're glued on!


 By: Weems@8 : October 7th, 2020-14:25
Sarcasm. The reason why i skip chronographs. For timing i use a normal stopwatch. Why i only chose the Royal Oak diver as AP if i want one, only one crown and one helium escape valve. Reason 2, not everybody walks with an AP RO diver on the wrist. Exclusi... 

I went through a hublot phase. In my opinion they expanded their collection too quickly.

 By: kennygfunk : October 7th, 2020-18:14
I think they focused more on quantity than quality. I like how AP slowly makes alterations and changes it's collections. You can see what happens when you do a few things great and don't over supply the market... Look at the demand for Rolexes, look at th... 

I’m really happy for you and glad that you enjoy it and appreciate it for what it is

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : October 7th, 2020-13:42
Really under appreciated due to the hyped market for certain lines of brands A true underdog and an icon

Agree this one is tremendous

 By: penang1974 : October 7th, 2020-13:46
offers many different facets to appreciate n enjoy

Big congrats. Very hot indeed! 🔥 [nt]

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : October 7th, 2020-13:57

Congrats again! As I have posted before, I am the AP Moderator...

 By: MichaelC : October 7th, 2020-14:24
And I own and love the GP. Mo owns both brands. I think a lot of us do. So there you go. Who cares what your friends have and what you have seen around, buy what you like.

I do buy what i like

 By: Weems@8 : October 7th, 2020-14:29
Sometimes it’s a watch many people like, but i have also under the radar brands as favorite.

And I share your pov. [nt]

 By: amanico : October 7th, 2020-22:30

A picture showing the arched bezel sides illusion...

 By: kennygfunk : October 7th, 2020-15:48
created by the polishing, angles, and shapes. ...  

Excellent! [nt]

 By: amanico : October 7th, 2020-22:33

Congrats on your new GP!

 By: jporos : October 7th, 2020-16:23
A great and storied brand.

Cool watch

 By: sschew : October 7th, 2020-17:29
That's one of the best looking GP models out there.

Excellent choice imho .

 By: Watchonthewrist : October 8th, 2020-01:45
Definitely something different than a mainstream AP . This Watch is also on my radar. Wear it in best of health

Thanks everyone!

 By: kennygfunk : October 8th, 2020-19:49
I’m a watch fanatic and I’m just so happy about this watch. It checks everything off in my boxes. I’m surprised and happy. This watch is definitely making me feel some type of way. The openwork is beiautiful. Sometimes there is something that I think coul... 

I agree...

 By: kennygfunk : October 9th, 2020-18:03
I’m on my honeymoon and it’s going great!