Are there any online resources to date my Chronomètre Souverain by serial number?

Jan 09, 2021,14:55 PM

Thank you!  

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You could probably ask the boutique.

 By: shafran : January 9th, 2021-15:04
Was the warranty card blank?

No, it is filled out, but nebulous (00 -or- 06)?

 By: r0gue : January 10th, 2021-05:22
I can't tell what they intended to write. It might have been a year 2000 or year 2006.

Just call one of the boutiques

 By: ChristianDK : January 9th, 2021-15:08
They will be happy to look up your watch and tell you when it was made, were it was sold, service history ect. Look for your nearest in the website.

Boutique for sure

 By: cmmnsens : January 9th, 2021-16:37
Love the classic CS in 38

Looks stunning

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 10th, 2021-05:02

I found it! (sort of)

 By: r0gue : January 10th, 2021-05:38
Through the process of elimination. I now know that the Chronomètre Souverain was introduced in 2005. So my confusion as to whether my warranty card had written the date of 00 or 06 (2000 or 2006) is resolved. It must have been 2006. Interestingly, in 200...