FS: Minerva Cronograph Telemetre

Dec 03, 2019,07:42 AM

Brand: Minerva - (more)

Series: 53693

Model: Cronograph Telemetre

Condition: FAIR

Location: Portugal Portugal 

Status: FS

Listed: Dec 3, 2019, 3:42 PM

Asking Price: USD 3,500 

Retail Price: USD 7,500

Payment Info:


Please note all transactions and listing are between private parties WatchProSite/PuristSPro make no Warranties or Guaranties of any kind is the responsibility of the Buyers and Sellers.

Minerva Vintage Telemeter

Cronograph Gold 18k/750.


Ofered between 1930 and 1935 to my grandfather Manuel Moreira Cardoso, the first portuguese aviator to fly, in 1930, from Lisbon to Goa, with his friend Francisco Sarmento Pimentel, on a De Havilland Puss Moth plane.


Transport to Europe and outside with insurance payed by me. Value of the insurance will be negotiated because of taxes, but will prefer all value. If not is buyer's responsability.

The watch was full serviced in 2004, and since then used a couple of times.

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Hi Dr No

 By: Cardosocruz : January 31st, 2020-09:07
Can you please help me? I tryed to relist my posts, namely the one with my vintage Minerva and he disapeared from the list on Collectors Market. Best Regards, Carlos

I can see your Minerva posted for sale in Collectors Market . . .

 By: Dr No : January 31st, 2020-10:19
. . . so is anything else needed? Thanks, Art

Sorry for the delay... :-(

 By: Cardosocruz : February 19th, 2020-04:19
Off course not! Thank you so much! Best regards

Hi Dr No

 By: Cardosocruz : October 16th, 2020-05:17
I Tried to relist my posts but that didn´t happened. And my MInerva doesn't appear on Collectors Market search. I´ll appreciate some help. Thank you so much. Best regards. Carlos

There's a process to re-listing a thread on Collectors Market, Carlos. First, click on . . .

 By: Dr No : October 16th, 2020-09:09
. . . the 'head and shoulders' icon at the top right of the screen. Then scroll down to 'My Collection' and click on it. You'll be directed to a 'box' where you can re-list your Minerva. You will be directed to your e-mail to log into WatchProSite again. ... 

Thank you so much

 By: Cardosocruz : October 22nd, 2020-03:31
Problem solved! The messages were on my spam paste. Best regards, Carlos


 By: Cardosocruz : December 4th, 2019-10:34
Ok. Here they are ...  

Tried to contact you

 By: boskomtl : January 3rd, 2021-14:34
OP, can you please PM me? I’ve sent you some questions but not sure if you have PM turned on? Thx, Bosko

Hi - I've sent you an answer yesterday. Please see you're PM

 By: Cardosocruz : January 5th, 2021-08:13
Best regards, Carlos Moreira Cruz

Is it just my eyes ...

 By: Kurt Behm : March 31st, 2023-00:20
or is the dial off-center. Is it a redial? KPB


 By: Cardosocruz : April 3rd, 2023-15:04
Hi, Thank you for you're interest. It's an original dial. And it's centered. Kind regards, Carlos Moreira Cruz