Thoughts on Chopard non LUC

Jul 23, 2018,07:54 AM

What are your thoughts on Chopard as a manufacturer? I have to be honest I have never handled one in person but some of the sporty super fasts look nice. I know LUC is their high end but what are your experiences with the brand?

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That's a very broad question! You can scan back months and years through this forum to see opinions

 By: cazalea : July 23rd, 2018-12:02
You will find that they are a family-owned and operated business making watches and fine jewelry, with a high regard for technology, fine finishing, and responsible sourcing of precious metals. The owners have been very supportive of WatchProSite and have... 

That’s good insight

 By: ripper444 : July 23rd, 2018-13:56
I didn’t know they were family owned. I’ll scan back and do some research and will check them out in person at an AD!

A Brief History of Chopard series

 By: MTF : July 23rd, 2018-14:34
ripper444, CLICK to read part 1 of A Brief History of Chopard Time and Jewels At the end of each part of the reports is the list of URL for the other 9 parts of the 10-part series. There are Chopard products for ladies and gentlemen that are non L.U.C ran...  


 By: ripper444 : July 23rd, 2018-14:49
Thanks for the post. This is very informative stuff!

Chopard Grand Prix MF quartz

 By: Richie M : February 15th, 2020-06:35
First chopard in collection, this was the one I always wanted! Simple and huge amount of functions hidden away to make a clean dial. ...  

Definitely a fan

 By: KMII : July 25th, 2018-06:31
I may be biased since I started here with an innocent question about the Chopard LUC Chrono One and got into the hobby that way. In addition to what Mike and MTF wrote I very much like their attitude - i.e. as a family owned firm they often go for the ‘ri...  

Those are very nice

 By: ripper444 : July 25th, 2018-07:41
Next time I will check these out in an AD.

That may be a bit of a challenge...

 By: KMII : July 25th, 2018-21:46
The Mille Miglia 2014 Race Edition may still be found, the two LUC pieces are long out of production, though... But there’s a great current collection that’s worthwhile checking irrespective

Very broad question indeed, but hopefully this report answers most, if not all :-))

 By: KIH : July 26th, 2018-06:48
CLICK link below: I was so impressed with the brand's passion to make whatever they want to at whatever the cost they want to spend/ invest. "Ethical Gold" is the bonus for those who are environmental sensitive person. Truly h... 

It sure did! [nt]

 By: ripper444 : July 27th, 2018-16:30

I think before they were

 By: ripper444 : August 6th, 2018-18:42
Some of the LUC watches are amazing.

Both sides of the Chopard company before merger were watchmakers

 By: MTF : August 7th, 2018-12:08
Folks, One of the misconceptions is that Chopard today started as a jeweller. It's the other way around as both the Swiss and German sides of the original companies started as watchmakers. CLICK HERE to read Part 1 of a 10 part history of Chopard and Sche...