It's a real classically designed awesome stunning piece thanks

Sep 30, 2012,03:22 AM

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A quick look at the Classique Moonphase, Ref 7787

 By: WHL : September 29th, 2012-20:45
While most famous for their tourbillon designs, and also making beautifully conceived and executed simple watches, Breguet, to my eyes and like no other brand, excels at designing and manufacturing mid-range complicated timepieces. Some classic designs, l...  

Exquisite. This is the Breguet I love, much more than the WT.

 By: amanico : September 30th, 2012-04:08
Simple, dressy, elegant, these are some fundamentals which are dear to my heart when I think " Breguet ". And in 36mm, this is just sublime! Thanks for this very interesting post, Bill. Though, I don't knwo which dial I prefer... I would give a very sligh... 

Bill, excellent report. Beautiful piece. I think I prefer the

 By: kpk : October 1st, 2012-05:13
one with the Guilloche Dial in Gold. At 39mm, perfect size as well.

Thanks a lot for the review...

 By: foversta : October 2nd, 2012-12:37
This watch was on my wish list... but sadly, the use of silicium was for me an obstacle. Fx

why is silicium a probelm

 By: JWM : October 4th, 2012-14:48
I am curious what is the draw back in your mind of using silicon parts? It is my understanding that the pros out weight the cons. thanks for your insight

A fascinating watch....

 By: nitediver : October 7th, 2012-12:15
i find this one of the most attrative Breguets out there (and there are so many wonderful pieces in their collection) I saw it in metal and was completetly mesmirized by the enamel dial version. The 39 mm is a perfect size as well. Thanks for the great pi... 

The enamel version is one of the most beautiful watches I’ve ever seen.

 By: Pawel MC : December 11th, 2012-11:32
The enamel version is one of the most beautiful watches I’ve ever seen! Brequet achieved magical balance with the dial design – something that’s missing for me in some other pieces by the brand. Every detail makes sense! Perfect harmony without centering ... 

Beautiful watches form Breguet always

 By: Jane : December 12th, 2012-08:55
But i would hardly call them Breguet leaders and top of the tree....