i would definitely go for the RO! but then again, i'm a real AP enthousiast.... [nt]

Mar 07, 2016,07:38 AM

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Panerai 224 trade for AP 15400?

 By: cpcowy : March 7th, 2016-07:32
Now that I'm back in love with AP I have a few things I'm thinking of getting rid of. I have a dealer friend who has a brand new 15400 silver dial and would trade for my Panerai 224 plus a little cash. The 224 was a limited run of 100 pieces sold only thr...  

No way unless you no longer want the Panerai in any event

 By: watch-er : March 7th, 2016-12:18
Unless the numbers are real close you lose on this and then the RO. Been there done that too many times.

Go for AP

 By: Watches4ever : March 7th, 2016-17:37
I have already sold a few Pam to fund my AP, never missed any and much happier with AP, in terms of value, style and status. Panerai used to be the one to have, now it's not.

that is what I hear

 By: watch-er : March 8th, 2016-09:13
what's up with Panerai?

I like both watches,

 By: ns23 : March 8th, 2016-11:22
it is up to you. Only you know if you will miss the Panerai or not

I'd do it

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 8th, 2016-15:03
And I'm even our Panerai moderator too. These Panerai Luminor chronos never were a big hit if you ask me. And cause of it, I'd swap it for the AP instead if you're ready to let go of your Panerai. My 2 cents, Anthony

Go for AP

 By: shadowprince2000 : March 31st, 2016-02:05
Don`t hesitate AP is in a higher league than Panerai. However the maintenance costs are considerable also.