Goodbye my lovely 15202BA!

Jun 21, 2022,12:02 PM

Hi AP Jumbo Lovers.

Sharing a picture of my 15202 in yellow gold (which I bought in 2014) that has developed a lovely patina over the years.
I started my watch collecting around 2012 with a IWC GST Titanium chronograph 3707, caught the titanium bug and added an Aquatimer 2000m, Aquatimer Chrono, Aquatimer Split-minute and an AMG Ingenieur.
Then a local dealer had this watch put up for sale and it caught my eye - That was when I learned more about the Audemars Piguet history and how Gerald Genta impacted the Swiss watch industry with the Jumbo watch. Couple of months later, this watch was still up for sale and I decided to own a piece of history.

Worked out a deal with the dealer in which I became a proud owner of the 15202 by trading in my 5 IWC Titanium watches + cash top up.

She has spent 99.9% of the time in the watch winder occasionally coming out 1 - 3 times every year when she graces a wedding or two and my daughter graduation events.
It was only late last year 2021 when I started wearing her more often by having the bracelet replaced with a leather strap so that it was less eye-catching/bling-bling; Even then, it was still an eye-catcher.

I had to let her go earlier this year in 2022 when I had an opportunity to get my Holy Grail  - A Patek 3940.

Do I regret selling her?
Am sure everyone has their buyer/seller remorse story but yea - It is an iconic watch with a nice "little" piece of history but I could not do her justice by keeping her in the watch winder most/if not all the time.
It is unlikely I'll get to own a 15202 again given the current used watch market prices (different story/topic altogether).

Hope your 15202 stays in your collection and wear them in Good Health! 

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It has copper and possibly silver mixed in...

 By: David Allen : June 22nd, 2022-18:08
Both oxidize. Only 24k gold will not oxidize unless you expose it to aqua regia, which you'll probably never come across in a normal watch-wearing setting.
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I happen to love the patina...

 By: David Allen : June 22nd, 2022-18:10
It's a shame as the dealer most likely had it polished out. At auction patina'd gold watches sometimes go for a premium.
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Love the post...

 By: JustaGuy : June 24th, 2022-19:07
I can understand not getting the opportunity to wear a gold watch often even though you love it. Congrats on seizing the opportunity to get a grail! Let's see some pics of the Patek!!
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