Life is a cabaret

Feb 04, 2024,09:00 AM

Sunday morning: the right time to take out the cabaret and enjoy the day.
What is your strategy for Sundays?

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Watching the cabaret 😂

 By: hora12reborn : February 4th, 2024-09:26


 By: amanico : February 4th, 2024-09:31

That's amazing.

 By: indignantdenial : February 4th, 2024-10:09
I love the Cabaret. It's a wonderful piece and one of the more unique pieces Lange offered.

Good Idea.

 By: tomch : February 4th, 2024-11:36
Tonight it will be a Petite Arvine.

Good choice too.

 By: hora12reborn : February 4th, 2024-21:07

Wow! Stunning pictures

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : February 4th, 2024-12:40

Nice, I think that is a great looking watch

 By: Thomas_3 : February 4th, 2024-17:23
but personally I think the dial would be better balanced if there was a "0" in the left window until the date reached the 10th. As i said, just an opinioin.

I have always liked the Cabaret

 By: MiguelFlash : February 5th, 2024-02:27
I believe it was in Lange's original lineup when the company launched again.

Probably my favorite ALS 👌🏻👍🏻👏🏻

 By: KMII : February 6th, 2024-03:03
But seeing how I love the VC 1972 there seems to be a pattern there 😁😂