Omega Part 2 of 3..vintage pieces that belong in 2007

Jul 15, 2007,02:47 AM

For these pics..and in part1, I really love the advertisements used.
In many ways, the Omega watches never "aged" at all!

Looking at the faces, this event was a knockout job in displaying the depth of Omega's fan base...I wonder if Panerai will be like this in 2020?

My Panerai collection is not "aging" as has appreciated more, but it lacks diversity and range. Maybe it is much too early.

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Wine Women Watches and a Memovox

 By: MTF : July 15th, 2007-10:19
Where was that memory stick? I know they said Omega heirlooms but I had to show this Franck Muller Rolex Its a tough job but someone has to do it.......... Standing room only So, David P (Omega) and I were looking at Bernard fiddling with his.....? Whew! ...