GP Gyromatic 39 Jewels

Dec 04, 2005,08:08 AM

hi there,

i have a GP Gyromatic (well, actually i bought it from my uncle who inherited it from my grandad) which needs an overhaul (i reckoned) as there is a delay of 45mins for every 1 hr. i have made enquiries with the local watch service center in Malaysia namely "Hour Glass" which had asked me to send it for service. before i do, i would prefer to know the dos and donts (if any) in servicing this type of watches as i am very attached to it due to sentimental value. i would be grateful if the pros out there could assist me in any way.
by the way, how many types of movement are there for this model? i dont have the papers for it except a rich maroon leather box with golden trimmings.

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Re: GP Gyromatic 39 Jewels

 By: MarteB : December 4th, 2005-12:24