Laureato not a Gerald Genta design.

Aug 20, 2002,05:05 AM

Here are some confirmed details
on Laureato

The first Laureato was first
launched in 1973 and it was first
designed by an employee of GP


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Interesting... (more)

 By: be : August 20th, 2002-06:06
Hi Jaw, I suspected as much. About two years ago I bid on a mid-70s watch which looked like a forerunner to the Laureato. It had the same octagonal bezel, but less rounded, more straight-angled. And it had a quartz movement, one reason I let it go. So thi... 

Additional thoughts (and pictures)

 By: PeterCDE : August 20th, 2002-10:10
G'day friends, as GP?s statement does not specifically mention the Laureato to be a Genta design, it seems to be their own creation. German watch magazine "Chronos" featured the 3-hands-Laureato in issue 3/1997, stating the Laureato model to be introduced...  

Thanks for the additional info...

 By: Jaw : August 20th, 2002-11:11
Many things to learn from you, Peter.. Jaw

Thank you! (and a picture, just for fun)

 By: PeterCDE : August 20th, 2002-12:24
Dear Jaw, thank you! I?m still learning. And this forum is a great place to share our interest in GP! Ok, just in the mood to drop a picture. No relation to Laureato models, but i think it?s a nice one anyway. Based on a ETA 1256 this one dates mid 50?s: ...  

hmmm...very interesting...

 By: ThomasM : August 22nd, 2002-03:03
Thanks, Jaw, for confirming. Was GG EVER involved with any version of the Laureato? I am quite surprised, as I thought I had from very reliable and knowledgeable sources (though I don't remember exactly who anymore) that the last iteration had GG involved... 

Just got confirmation

 By: Jaw : August 23rd, 2002-06:06
That it was originally designed by a GP employee and no, none of the Laureato was designed by Gerald Genta. Jaw