Really enjoying my Laureato watch. Cool, comfortable to wear. 😂

Sep 17, 2023,22:53 PM

Have a good week ahead friends. 👍


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Fantastic watch!

 By: hanke : September 17th, 2023-23:55
I have the green dial version and it wears better than any of the Royal Oak I’ve owned.

Good to know, your insights. 😊

 By: geross : September 18th, 2023-04:15
Cheers. 🥃 Geross.

It's an amazing watch

 By: JLG22 : September 18th, 2023-01:17
I love it more and more and I'm thinking about getting one! Is there any difference between 2021 and 2023 models?

I think 2021 model is slightly thicker. By. 02mm. 😂

 By: geross : September 18th, 2023-04:14
2023 model is 10mm thick. While 2021 is 10.02mm. Both cool watches. 😎

Thank you for your reply.

 By: JLG22 : September 18th, 2023-13:10
Enjoy your watch it's a fantastic one really. It's a shame some people compare to a royal oak or view it as a substitute when the Laureato is really probably even nicer for some tastes. I will let you know as soon as I get one as for me you are the Laurea... 

Looking good

 By: Aquaracer1 : September 18th, 2023-01:37
A lot to love with this one! Enjoy!

Nicely put!

 By: amanico : September 18th, 2023-20:51

Enjoy. Have a great week too.

 By: hora12reborn : September 18th, 2023-05:07

With a Laureato on your wrist. It really is going to be a great week. 😊👍

 By: geross : September 18th, 2023-08:52
Thanks for your opinion. 🥂🍾 Geross.

Perfect companion

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : September 18th, 2023-12:24