Vacheron Corporate Boutiques in the US

Dec 11, 2023,00:55 AM

Hi, I am brand new in the Vacheron Part of this Forum - so hello everyone!! I’m interested in starting a relationship with a boutique here in the US (based in the Bay Area) so I figured I just post the below that I also just shared on the Rolexforum:

Hi, I’m looking for some advice for the best boutique- preferably not associated with an AD as I don’t want to buy other brands or jewelry.
Also, would love to learn more on how to acquire the rare handcrafts (metier d’arts) pieces and a pathway to get them?

I went to the CH premier owned boutique that I visited again yesterday and they were actually quite friendly and nice but very opaque about rare handcrafts and what exactly the point of building a relationship with them is other than buy now and we will see ( I was more strategic about it in my wording trust me).

I am still very confused as to why they would try to sell me a historique 1921 that I can literally buy online on the Vacheron website as a special favor / hard to get piece that I should jump on?

In a watch world where most Vacheron pieces are selling under retail and even overseas models with a few outliers are pretty much readily available, I’m very confused as to what the strategy here is on the part of the boutique ( i did not even inquire about the overseas line for example). But more importantly I’m interested in acquiring a few pieces over the next years such as Triple Calendar, 1921 or Corne de Vache. I think wifey would like an overseas with blue dial. Long term I would love to get access to the metier d’Art pieces such as the explorer line that is just lovely imo.

Thanks everyone

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