Lip brevets Blancpain: A Photo Session.

Apr 18, 2012,13:25 PM

Our friend Tony aka Diving T came with some marvels in his bag for some photo sessions.

Let's first see his lovely Lip Brevets Blancpain.

Small dioesn't mean uninteresting.

34 mm, maybe, but of sensuality and charm.

The domed plexy, the clean design, the bakelite bezel which looks like the TR 900 one, this is a " great small " watch.

Here is Tony's topic:

Here are my photos:

And the magnificient casebacks with the brand blazon:

For those who think that 34 / 35 mm is too small, just an evilish advice: Try it,you will see.




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Very very good pictures!!.....

 By: DivingT : April 18th, 2012-23:13
and having just looked back at my photos of the watch, I think I'll give up taking photos, and just come up to see you every now and then to make posts for me!! ;-) It was good fun, a good lunch, and my pleasure to meet another Purist - Damjan, for the fi... 

We have to try to arrange a Fifty Fathoms Gathering, one of these days.

 By: amanico : April 18th, 2012-23:31
There are so many hidden treasures, here and there, and so many great guys to meet. Was great to meet you, my friend. And as for the pics, now you know how to take them. A bit fastidious, but hey, that is the price to pay. Best, Tony. Nicolas. This messag... 

FF Gathering - Last 2 weeks of Aug or 1st week of Sept?

 By: DivingT : April 18th, 2012-23:52
any date in this range is completely clear for me just now - 18th August, until 9th September. how do we go around looking for participants? See if anyone else can do this date range? cheers Tony

Well, at this moment, I wwill be somewhere between Croatia, Slovenjia, Austria and Italy.

 By: amanico : April 19th, 2012-00:07
So, it may be difficult to find the right moment during summer holidays, but be sure that I am working on that... On a not too different note, I will try to check where is Blancpain with the Fathomisti Club... Best, Nicolas


 By: fifty fathoms : April 19th, 2012-07:35
Hi Nicolas .... excellent photos of an excellent little big watch. It is not allways the size that beats.... What kind of light do you use for the photosessions and which kind of kamera ! I would not mind to visit Paris a second time for the Fifties Best ... 

Borat Patent pending system.

 By: amanico : April 19th, 2012-08:32
4 sheets of paper, a flash and a Leica D Lux 4. As for a trip in Paris, you know you're always welcome, my friend! Best to you, Stephan. Nicolas

Lovely small beauty...

 By: hans_jorgen_1968 : April 21st, 2012-01:16
... And you are so right, 34-36 is in many watches enough.. Doesn't have to be 44-46-48mm to do justice. Best and yes, great pictures ;-) Hans P.S. At Basel fair, I had a long discussion with a guy at the Blancpain stand. We talked about the great exhibit... 

Amazing photo of a great watch!

 By: Briandumais : April 21st, 2012-05:22
You are a humble man Nicolas. A couple sheets of paper,a flash and a perfect picture! Brian

Brian, I've seen twice now....

 By: DivingT : April 21st, 2012-12:45
And I'm about to scrap my light box!!!!!

Excellent news Hans.....

 By: DivingT : April 21st, 2012-12:42
A book will be great, but an owners club will be excellent - maybe it will help us with get together. Cheers Tony This message has been edited by DivingT on 2012-04-21 12:46:55