Vladimir Putin's Aqualung magically returns...

Jan 31, 2012,01:04 AM

Dear all:

Former President of the Russian Federation and current Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is known for his affection for Blancpain watches. His love, so it seems, is centered around the Léman collection of Blancpain.

Here he is with a Flyback Chronograph:

Another frequently spotted watch is a 2005 Aqualung Grande Date:

This very watch gained international fame when Putin, in Autumn 2009, gave this very watch to a metalworker at the arms factory of Tula:

The following pictures show Putin on 24 January 2012 instructing a trainee during a judo demonstration at a regional judo centre in the city of Kemerovo:

And what is on his wrist? Correct, again a 2005 Aqualung Grande Date:

Maybe he had second thoughts after he learned than Blancpain is going to axe the Léman collection? He would not be the only one!


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Blancpain Putin

 By: Bolito : February 1st, 2012-12:05
if this guy wears Blancpain it is another strong reason not to weara Blancpain - vintage models excluded. He is repulsive, antidemocrsatic and a dictator. I prefer to think on a humanist as Cousteau has been

Magnus, could you please tag me the article mentionning that Blancpain will stop...

 By: Yves007 : February 17th, 2012-23:44
production of the Léman series. I must have missed it when it got published. Regards, Yves

Interesting notes...

 By: takman : February 18th, 2012-15:07
He seems to be concentrating pretty hard on those scibbles, maybe he's covering something up??