Summer Chocolate... ZRC Grands Fonds.

Aug 06, 2014,09:22 AM

Here is another beauty I was Lucky to see, recently.

ZRC is not a well know brand, but it deserves some attention for their particular and very specific diving watches.

Here is a magnificient Brown dialed one.

The location of the crown, at 6 o clock, is one of its characteristics.

Don't pay attention to the insert, it seems it is not the correct one, for this reference.

If I have the time, I will try to write something about these watches, as I had the opportunity to take several other references in pictures.



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Interesting.. Never heard of ZRC.. Charming dial & peculiar crown - just wondered ..

 By: hs111 : August 6th, 2014-10:14
.. how the winding comfort & capability (also on the wrist) would be ?.. The case to me looks like 70ies, but may be earlier, I guess.. Quite individualistic companion, this one ! Thx for the pics & Best, hs

I always liked this one.....

 By: Darren : August 6th, 2014-12:34
but I prefer the no-date version. This one's not half bad nonetheless. Darren