We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars

Apr 29, 2008,04:39 AM

The Citizen Astrodea (Astronomical Diagram from the Earth) is a star chart watch; the one shown below is the Southern Hemisphere model which displays 90.4% of the stars seen from Northern latitude of 35 degrees, and 98.6% of the sky from Southern latitude 35 degrees.

It is quartz, but for JPY47,250, it is an amazing piece of work. Each Astrodea comes with a loupe for viewing the dial, but even with the naked eye the dial detail and quality is outstanding.

Apologies for the poor photo, I took the above after putting away my DSLR
Only 300 of these are made each year, and are mostly sold in astronomy shops. Many thanks to stultus77 for helping me get this watch.









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Ideal watch for my

 By: Mr Green : April 29th, 2008-06:53
quartz loving astronomy enthusiast father. Looks good but somehow every time I'll look at it it'll remember me it is quartz big spoiler for me nevertheless best quart I ever saw This message has been edited by Ares501 on 2008-04-29 06:55:12

I think that is the target market for this watch

 By: SJX : April 29th, 2008-06:58
The fact that it's sold at astromomy shops mostly probably means it is aimed at astromomers rather than us watch-folk. It really is a no-frills timepiece with the exception of the dial. - SJX

Agreed completely [nt]

 By: Mr Green : April 29th, 2008-07:07
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I love it...

 By: Massi : April 29th, 2008-08:57
How does it work? Massi


 By: BDLJ : April 30th, 2008-01:49

Where to get it?

 By: nkleng13 : April 29th, 2008-09:13
Wonder how much would be the cost and where to get it in Asia. Thanks

Cool Rush song...

 By: vitalsigns : April 29th, 2008-10:26
All of us get lost in the darkness Dreamers learn to steer by the stars All of us do time in the gutter Dreamers turn to look at the cars Nice watch too... John

Nice - here are last year's models...

 By: roba : April 29th, 2008-18:58
Last year's models had integrated bracelets and were, I believe, a little larger at 43mm diameter (and about 8mm thick). The taper on the bracelet disguises the size very well. Here's the moonphase model: And the "full skies" version: The integrated brace...  

Those are nice too

 By: SJX : April 29th, 2008-20:25


 By: Peter  : April 29th, 2008-21:44

A mesmerizing dial!

 By: Ravination : April 30th, 2008-14:21