Bell & Ross BR01 - The Watches, The Models & The Man

Mar 17, 2007,12:08 PM

As promised earlier, here are my photos of the wonderful evening of the launch of the B&R Phantom & BLUE. As Kelvin has kindly shared his wonderful images of the watches - and Melvin's report, I will share the watch comparison images here and others that had not been covered earlier.


The watches in the UV Display case

The MODELS of Bell & Ross

And the man - CARLOS ROSILLO

Thanks for looking!

Harry Tan

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For everyone..don't miss looking at these (Harry's) pics!!!

 By: bernard cheong : March 17th, 2007-16:13
Thanks again 1000%, and I say this with no falttery...Harry..your pictures are evolving into anothe phase of excellence! Please don't fact, I think almost ALL the pics you took are great. I can tell you that an incredible number of people are jus... 

Well said!

 By: Kong : March 18th, 2007-01:21

BOTH the Omegamania and the Bell&Ross parties had the most pretty girls in Singapore ard

 By: bernard cheong : March 17th, 2007-16:33
Well, to repeat my apology...first, pretty or not, it had no relation to the invites...i tried to get as many NEW people in as possible, ie those who have posted here recently, and new...but also..I felt the old timers had to COME...I was torn. In the fut... 

Watch your car!!

 By: Kong : March 18th, 2007-01:25

Great pics!

 By: ThomasM : March 17th, 2007-20:53

Excellent stuff...

 By: K T : March 18th, 2007-01:29

Great Photos

 By: steelydad : March 18th, 2007-09:25

Just awesome...

 By: bs22fly : March 20th, 2007-14:44