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Review-AHCI: Prescher Mysterious Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon

 By: DonCorson : February 10th, 2010-12:34
The Thomas Prescher Mysterious Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon First pictures in the wild. Thomas had a problem: How to make the visibility of the tourbillon even better than his present watches. The solution: Just tuck everything except the tourbillon o...  

=O ... Speachless.

 By: doubleup : February 10th, 2010-12:45
truly innovative

Fantastic design!

 By: aaronm : February 10th, 2010-13:09
I am guessing that the day and month indicators are incremented with some sort of pusher going through the center of the pivot? A


 By: Bounce781 : February 10th, 2010-17:47
One word: I N C R E D I B L E !!!!!

i'm still mesmerized by this Watch

 By: Tony A.H : April 16th, 2010-17:17
really beautiful AND VERY Unique. Tony


 By: unotaz : March 2nd, 2011-22:56
I don't usually say this...but wow! I have never seen anything close to it! I feel the watch is probably a little bit to thick to wear comfortably, but with all those functions, it kind of has to be. Amazing watch! Michael