More RE2 pictures

Jan 02, 2008,04:44 AM


In a previous thread I have posted about the RE2

This watch was done by Pita (an spanish AHCI member) for the spanish watch forum Relojes Especiales.

Here are more pictures taken by Goldoff of the watch...

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I like those pushers...

 By: DonCorson : January 2nd, 2008-12:15

I really love his watches

 By: Gizmotron : January 2nd, 2008-12:39

New pictures of the RE2

 By: rodaballo : January 6th, 2008-02:36
Hi, These are taken by zdec from RE spanish forum. You an compare the RE2 with other better known watches I hope you like them. Best regards...  

Thanks for the photos. Two questions...

 By: SJX : January 6th, 2008-03:37
1. How did Mr Pita manage to get so many Lemania 5100? The Swatch Group stopped supplying them some years back. Getting the movements is as much of an achievement as making the watch! 2. Are they sold out? Thank you for sharing. - SJX

Answers on the RE2

 By: rodaballo : January 7th, 2008-06:45
Hi, I do not know how Mr Pita was able to find the Lemania 5100. I guess that was one of his contacts in Switzerland but you can ask him. His email is in his web page. The watches are all sold out. A list of interested byuers was set up and we paid severa...