Would you like to have an Antiqua Screensaver?

Jul 27, 2007,08:59 AM

If you do, click on the link below and save it to your temp folder. The images are a collection of images with a few shown in the earlier threads. The file is just a megabyte in size.

When download completed, right click on the file and select install and presto!


Hope you like the screensaver! smile

BTW - link is available for 100 downloads and 7 days only.


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Thanks Dave, I was wondering if anyone actually downloaded it!

 By: HarryTan : July 27th, 2007-19:41
Glad that it works on your PC. BTW I believe the screensaver works for Windows only. So I cannot vouch for what can happen if it was installed on another OS. Cheers Harry


 By: Xuan : July 28th, 2007-02:45

Très, très cool.

 By: mont : July 28th, 2007-05:46

Thanks Harry.

 By: SUMATE : July 28th, 2007-19:28